Beyond the Beach: The Allied War Against France (History of Military Aviation) por Stephen Alan Bourque

Beyond the Beach: The Allied War Against France (History of Military Aviation) por Stephen Alan Bourque
Titulo del libro : Beyond the Beach: The Allied War Against France (History of Military Aviation)
Autor : Stephen Alan Bourque

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Stephen Alan Bourque con Beyond the Beach: The Allied War Against France (History of Military Aviation)

Críticas ""This is an important book and essential reading for those wishing to understand France today, and more specifically the actions of General de Gaulle."" - The Navy Magazine ""The euphoria generated by the successful landings in Normandy, and the subsequent breakout from the beachheads, has largely glossed over the consequences and collateral damage in France. The author has provided a worthy evaluation of the costs, with the short term and long term effects - Most Highly Recommended."" - FIRE Project ""Stephen Bourque's astonishing new book Beyond the Beach covers the years-long campaign to fight the Germans in France from the air. He shines light on a scarcely acknowledged wartime experience, that of French civilians, whose homes, cathedrals, and cities were relentlessly bombed by Americans and British on a scale close to that of the bombing in Germany. And the French were Allies! This is a subject ... not seen covered before."" - America in WWII . ""With little to no knowledge or publicity of these events, with the exception of the French themselves, one gets the impression of a successful air campaign surgically destroying intended targets in support of Overlord. Yet this was obviously not the case. This is a story that needed to be told, so that the victims can be remembered long after their death."" - The Journal of America's Military Past ""[A] courageous and important book, well-written, well-considered, and rightly argues that the events chronicled in the book are an essential part of any true account of the D-Day landings. A genuinely important book, one that deserves the widest possible audience and one that truly deserves a documentary television series to go with it."" - Hellbound ""As a scholarly source, Beyond the Beach is highly commendable.... Organizationally, the structure of the book is clear.... This book is an excellent contribution to our understanding of the aerial bombing campaign over France in the months and weeks leading up to D-Day. Also, it exposes some hard questions involving the nature and principles of war itself, many of which have no easy answer."" - Strategic Studies Quarterly Reseña del editor Beyond the Beach examines the Allied air war against France, especially from April through June 1944. During this period, General Dwight David Eisenhower, as Allied Supreme Commander, took control of all American, British, and Canadian air units, including the heavy bombers of RAF Bomber Command and the United States Army Strategic Air Forces. Rather than employ these aerial systems in a strategic manner, attacking targets deep in Germany, he used them for his own tactical and operationalpurposes. Employing bombers as, virtually, his long-range artillery he, through his air staff and commanders, directed the destruction of bridges, rail centers, ports, militaryinstallations, and even French towns, with the intent of preventing German reinforcements from interfering with Operation Neptune, the Allied landings on the Normandy beaches. This intense bombing operation, conducted against a friendly occupied state, resulted in a swath of physical and human destruction across northwest France. Ultimately, this air offensive resulted in the death of over 60,000 French civilians and an immense amount of damage to towns, churches, buildings, and works of art. This book explores, therefore the relationship between ground and air operations and its effects on the French population. It begins by considering the three broad groups the air operations involved: the occupied French, the occupying Germans, and Eisenhower's headquarters. It then examines the doctrine and equipment used byAllied air force leaders to implement the supreme commander's plans. Next, it examines each of the eight major operations, called lines of effort, that coordinated the employment of the thousands of fighters, medium bombers, and heavy bombers that prowled the French skies that spring and summer of 1944. Each of these sectionsdiscusses the operation's purpose, conduct, and effects upon both the military and the civilian targets. Finally, the book explores short and long term effects of these operations and argues that this ignored narrative should be part of any history of the D-Day landings. Ver Descripción del producto