Green Hand And Other Stories por Claveloux Nicole

Green Hand And Other Stories por Claveloux Nicole
Titulo del libro : Green Hand And Other Stories
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 14, 2017
Autor : Claveloux Nicole
Número de páginas : 1
ISBN : 1681371073
Editor : Random House USA

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Claveloux Nicole con Green Hand And Other Stories

Nicole Claveloux's short stories?originally published in the late 1970s and never before collected in English?are among the most beautiful comics ever drawn: whimsical, intoxicating, with the freshness and splendor of dreams. In hallucinatory color or elegant black-and-white, she brings us into lands that are strange but oddly recognizable, filled with murderous grandmothers and lonely city dwellers, bad-tempered vegetables and walls that are surprisingly easy to fall through. In the title story, written with Edith Zha, a new houseplant becomes the first step in an epic journey of self-discovery and a witty fable of modern romance?complete with talking shrubbery, a wised-up genie, and one very depressed bird.