POLITICAL FOOTBALL™: The Super Bowl of Politics™: How Football Can Unite America™ por John Coffey

POLITICAL FOOTBALL™: The Super Bowl of Politics™: How Football Can Unite America™ por John Coffey
Titulo del libro : POLITICAL FOOTBALL™: The Super Bowl of Politics™: How Football Can Unite America™
Autor : John Coffey

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John Coffey con POLITICAL FOOTBALL™: The Super Bowl of Politics™: How Football Can Unite America™

The game of football has become one of America’s greatest success stories, with an active fan base that follows the sport at all levels, and wide participation, ranging from peewee to professional play. Football has grown greatly in popularity because it is generally considered fair, fast, and fun, and it is a competition that inherently resembles real life.With this abundance of popularity, which seems far from peaking, the game of football contains extraordinary potential to lead the country in beneficial ways that could bring America together, find a national direction, and ultimately produce more societal success. POLITICAL FOOTBALL™: The Super Bowl of Politics™ is a book that uses the game of football to create simple ways to fix politics, smart ways to pick better leaders, and successful ways to develop solutions for American society.Considering the seriousness of the widening political divisions in America, there is more need than ever for new ideas, novel approaches, and a nation-building plan for the public good. POLITICAL FOOTBALL™ is designed to function as America’s Winning Game Plan™ by using the principles of football to create a framework for politics that is fair, focused, and future-oriented.By looking for societal solutions from the perspective of the game of football, creating constructive change across the country can become fun, fast, and fair. It is time for America to use what is working to finally repair what isn’t working, and that’s why POLITICAL FOOTBALL™ is the perfect book to fix politics. There are few books that have been written that are so right for the times at hand as POLITICAL FOOTBALL™, therefore this book should be placed in the hearts, the heads, and the hands of all Americans. Based on the fundamental principle of fairness, this book is specifically designed to change the game of politics in a waythat furthers the future for all, and ultimately reverses the power structure in a way that has The People rule The Power rather than The Power ruling The People.POLITICAL FOOTBALL™ details how the game of football offers an ideal model for strengthening democracy and unifying the nation by creating a new political system based on a common playing field, fair rules, and impartial reasoning. By tackling the biggest challenges facing America in the 21st Century, this book is ready to defeat The Power by offering a positive plan that can score big for The People. Therefore everyone that loves football, values fairness, and wants to help the United States stay forever strong for generation after generation needs to read this book now.One of the first, and most basic lessons between politics and football can be found in the way that the shape of a football represents the shape of politics. The distinctive shape of a football is largest in the middle, and tapers off toward each end, just like the biggest group of Americans are politically in the center, and independent thinking, with partisan support narrowing as each extreme perspective is more deeply approached.Unfortunately American politics is presently controlled by the structures of partisanship that dominate political thought with polar extremes, and suppress the will of the greatest portion of the electorate, which is moderate, independent, and located near the center of public policy. The extreme polarity of partisan politics performs like an end over end punt, which sputters out by spinning uncontrollably, and inevitably falls short of its target, rather than a spiraled punt, with a more balanced and directional flow, which tends to achieve its greatest flight in both height, and distance.POLITICAL FOOTBALL™ points out that the real battle in politics is not about Democrat or Republican, or left or right, but rather about doing what's right to get the nation to unite. By putting political power back in its place, and moving the people into first place, "We the People" will "form a more perfect Union."